Refrigeration Equipment

Performance Air Cooling carries a variety of refrigeration equipment in its Denver warehouse. Depending on seasonal demands, we will have new and used equipment usually consisting of supermarket cases, coils, walk-in cooler and walk-in freezers, walk-in & panels, condensing units, and self-contained cases.

Arneg Equipment

Arneg USA, LLC. is a division of multinational company Arneg S.p.A., a leading world refrigerated case manufacturer.  Arneg is a family owned, privately held company originally founded in the 1960’s in the heart of the Veneto region of Italy. Arneg likes to describe itself as a business based on a distinct work ethic, love of innovation, the will to reinvest, and above all an unrivaled respect for its customers and their satisfaction.  Arneg currently operates 16 manufacturing facilities world wide and has leveraged that experience to develop a new state of the art facility in Lexington, NC.

Arneg is building high quality cases in the Lexington facility with a strong company focus on sustaining and promoting the environment and the natural world through the development of products characterized by low energy consumption. This coupled with their broad experience in COand glycol systems makes Arneg the perfect choice for your environmentally friendly project.

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Refrigerated Cabinets
Non-Refrigerated Cabinets

Institutional and Supermarket Equipment

Institutional and Supermarket Equipment (ISE) is a network of professional contractors who strive to provide turn-key solutions to the supermarket, restaurant, and food service industries.  ISE provides Performance Air with bulk purchasing power.  This allows us to pass on the volume discounts you would expect with a larger company while retaining the personal service of a smaller company.

See the full list of ISE manufacturers.